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Evalato applicant tracking system helps you collect job applications, evaluate them, and hire the worthiest candidates.

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Streamline your entire recruitment process

Supercharge your hiring process with all the tools you need. Evalato automates your workflow and accelerates all processes so that you can focus on hiring top talent.


Launch fast

Fast track your hiring with our pre-made templates and intuitive design - customize everything down to the last detail to match your unique workflow.
Apply your branding with your logo, style, images, and colors
Build forms easily with our drag-and-drop form builder
Create a website or embed the form on your site
Automate the communication with applicants and reviewers
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Launch in less than an hour
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Collect applications

Evalato empowers candidates to easily create and send in their applications, while you get to enjoy managing it all so effortlessly.
Enable easy and convenient application for candidates
Collect more and better-quality applications with our FastApply™ submission portal
One-click application approval, shortlisting, or rejection
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58% more entries on average
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Empower reviewing

You’re in charge - control every element of your reviewing process like never before, from the evaluation portal to the voting rounds and final results.
Run multiple evaluation rounds
Any evaluation scenario covered with 6 voting types
Provide a full-featured evaluation portal to reviewers
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3x faster judging experience
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Hire the right talent

Selecting the worthiest job candidates is a breeze with Evalato. 
See real-time results at a glance
Pick the right candidates with our PreciseSelect™ system
Use tags to label promising and selected candidates 
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Choose the right winners without bias
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Measure results

Evalato helps you analyze and report on your success - watch your hiring processes improve exponentially.
Monitor key metrics and track valuable data in real time
Boost your recruitment campaigns by integrating Evalato with Google Analytics and other apps
Generate detailed reports and exports in different formats
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Report on success 4x times quicker
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Evalato applicant tracking system empowers thousands of HR professionals from all over the world.

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Translate the full experience in any of the 40+ languages supported
Global compliance
GDPR, CCPA, AAP, LGPD, and HIPAA compliant
Translate the full experience in any of the 40+ languages supported
Accept payments anywhere
30+ payment methods, 160+ currencies, custom billing and tax rules
Global compliance
GDPR, CCPA, AAP, LGPD, and HIPAA compliant

Perfect for everyone involved

Strengthen your employer image and provide a delightful experience for all stakeholders.

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Smooth-as-butter applicant tracking for you
40+ hours saved per month


Make it super easy for candidates to submit applications
99% applicant satisfaction rate


Provide an evaluation experience that reviewers love
3x faster evaluation experience

Grow your success

Focus on the things that matter and unlock your full potential while Evalato handles the rest.

Enterprise-grade security

Full compliance with regulations, bank-level protection, and meticulous monitoring.

24/7 five star support

Our support is rated by our customers 5/5 everywhere.

100% data ownership

You are the sole owner of your data.

Lightning fast,
ultra scalable

Reliable infrastructure that handles thousands of applications simultaneously with 99.98% uptime.

Integrated with 5000+ apps

Automate almost any task by connecting Evalato to the tools you already use.

“It’s like magic”

Our customers love how easy it is to manage recruitment processes with Evalato.

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