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All-in-one software to run effective awards programs


Evalato’s all-in-one awards management system is the ultimate destination for your awards program. 


Design & Creative awards

PR & Marketing awards

Healthcare & Dental awards

Architecture awards

Association awards

Calls for abstracts & Auditions

Choose the worthiest abstracts, speakers, and publications with Evalato. 

Call for speakers

Audition management

Casting calls

Publication management

Scholarships & Program admissions

Evalato enables you to collect, review, and select the most deserving applications for your scholarship or fellowship program. 


Portfolio management

CSR programs & Sponsorships

Evalato empowers you to recognize and enact positive change across your organization and community. 


In-kind donations

Sponsorship requests

Corporate giving

Employee giving and volunteerism

Community funding


With Evalato, you can pick the worthiest winners in any type of competition or contest. 


Pitch competitions

Photo/Video contests

Art contests


Collect applications, empower evaluation, and select the most deserving candidates for your grant or funding program. 

Funding programs


Research funding applications

Startup Programs

Evalato’s powerful tools enable you to support the most prominent startups or innovative ideas.

Startup programs

VC programs

Innovation challenges


HR programs

With Evalato, you can select and reward your most deserving team members and boost employee morale. 

Hiring programs

Staff excellence programs

Powerlists & Rankings

Evalato equips you with the tools to build the ultimate ranking or powerlist for any industry. 



Peer review

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